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Breast Enlargement - Welcome to Breast-Aug

We are a Cosmetic Plastic Surgery referral service in Sydney, Australia that specialise's in all forms of aesthetic breast procedures. Our doctors perform annually large numbers of breast augmentations alone and have the very best facilities and one of the most qualified, experienced surgeons, who can offer an optimal aesthetic result in any breast procedure.

We can assist in providing breast enlargement surgery at a highly competitive fee. Our doctor's structures are geared so that it is cost effective for Australians to travel to Sydney and even overseas patients to fly in for their surgery. We can even arrange accommodation and any other requirements you may have in such cases.

Many of the clinics we refer to offer a wide range of the best and safest implants available both Saline and Silicone. Breast-Aug offers a variety of techniques of performing this breast surgery and can offer the best solution to your individual needs. Please explore our site and if you have any questions we are happy to answer them.

Breast-Aug is a private referral business that will connect you to some of the best doctors within Australia, based on your interest and location. We only consider the very best doctors who have impeccible reputations.

The Breast-Aug website provides an information based forum on breast surgery, disclosing all of the current surgical techniques used - such as 'transauxillary breast augmentation' and 'peri-areolar breast augmentation'. We also provide the latest information on breast implants, even US FDA and Australian TGA reports and manufacturers specifications. It is our aim to provide detailed information while providing a clinic based understanding of what kind of breast surgery is best for you.

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